About Krisenna - Company Director

Krisenna’s formal dance training began at the tender age of 3.  She wowed audiences with her enthusiasm for performance as a dedicated dancer for the Talent Factory.  Years of gymnastics, tap, jazz,hip-hop, ballet and ballroom classes built a strong foundation for her path as a professional choreographer/performer and dance/gymnastics instructor.  When Krisenna was 8, her step mother introduced her to Cabaret belly dance.  Krisenna’s vocal training and piano lessons also helped to shape her understanding and love of music as a creative outlet.

Krisenna’s passion for music and art flourished early on, but it wasn’t until after college that she became a formal student of belly dance (at Shimmy Shakti Studio). Discovering the tribal fusion style presented Krisenna with a new focus which she has studied with ignited zeal by traveling all over the nation to attend workshops, intensives, and classes from some of the most highly acclaimed dancers in the world including Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Amy Sigil, Sharon Kihara, Rachel Brice, Audra Simmons, Lady Fred & Mira Betz. She has completed intensives and certified to teach Unmata ITS Beginning, Intro, Intermediate & Advanced (later changed to a " Levels System").

Krisenna directed the Pretty Hard Corps dance troupe in New York (2012/2014). She moved to Casa Grande AZ in the middle of 2014 and started dancing with RaMagik (2014-2019). In 2016, she started dancing with Shahrazad Dance Company (2016-2018) in Phoenix and was part of the trios that captured international titles at the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo. In Cairo, Krisenna was honored to study with some of the most notable dancers in Egyptian / Oriental dance (Dina, Hoda, Mohamed Salah, Lucy, Daria Mitskevich, Kasumi, Darina Konstantinova, Aziza Cairo, Dr. Mo Gedawwi, Soraia Zaied, Maryam Aguirre & Leyla Lanty).

In 2017, Krisenna produced the first annual Amethyst Dance Festival, and in 2019, she formed the Amethyst World Dance Company.


Krisenna is especially grateful for her mentors, Christina Gonzales and Jenna Harder( of Shimmy Shakti Studios), Connie Jones and Amy Sigil of Unmata.

Krisenna is currently offering belly dance instruction at her Castle Drive home studio in Casa Grande, Arizona - at Thrive Cultural Academy in Casa Grande, Arizona and at The Studio in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Learn more about Krisenna at:  www.krisennazipporah.com


Cali Kalavati - Company Dancer

About Cali - Hi, my name is Karen Calipus also go by Cali Kalavati which means “the artist”. It’s a little inside joke between my coworkers and I, they always call me the artist in the group because I’m always drawing something at work. 😊 But also I chose this name because I love art! And on my free time I’m either watching movies, drawing, playing my violin, or dancing! I’ve always been dancing even when I was a little toddler. I started my dance training when I was at the age of 12, and my first dance class was hip-hop with the fabulous Marsha Hindman. I only took a couple of hip-hop classes at that age, and then stopped for some reason. But then when I got in to high school, I started dancing again. I took all 4 years of dancing in high school with lovely Chaille Martin. After I graduated high school, I got an offer to teach at the Studio in Casa Grande as a hip-hop dance instructor, which I did for 2 years. At the same time I was a student at a community college in Coolidge (CAC). However, I stopped teaching because I needed another job that could help pay for college, so I had to stop working at the studio. But this didn’t stop me from dancing-I found out that CAC offered dance classes, and that’s where I met the wonderful Karen Burns, who is well known for her quirky/hilarious personality. I got to train with her for ballet, jazz, and contemporary for a semester. Also, I got to do my first solo around this time (Eek!)! Unfortunately, I had to stop dancing for a couple of years, because I decided to be a Flight Attendant. Fast forward to now, I am an admin assistant for the Fiber Team at a telecommunications business called Crown Castle. Around this time is when I started taking dance classes again, at the studio, where I got to learn tap, and a refresher on ballet, and Bollywood. I am now training with the amazing Krisenna Zipporah in her World of Dance class, and her Amethyst Dance Company! I’m so happy to be here!


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